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What is insulin ? इन्सुलिन क्या है ?

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Insulin Antastravi the pancreas (pancreas) part is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of Dvepikavo of Langerhans. The vision of chemical composition is characterized by a Peptait hormone composed of 51 amino acids. It regulates the metabolism of glucose in the body. The pancreas is a mixed gland at the bottom of the stomach. The construction of glucose after digestion part Carbohydrate food. By absorbing the intestine it reaches all parts of the body through the bloodstream. The disruption of glucose to the body functions, thinking and actions are energy.

Insulin is known to be two ways of treating diabetes
1 * insulin produced in the human body

2 * insulin produced.

1 * atiprabhasali
The impact of this type of insulin is a very fast display appears in about 1 hour and 3 - lasts 4 hours.

2 * Effective immediately Insulin
3 * Mdhyhwarti effective insulin 

Insulin effect 

Insulin lets enter the body's cells through the blood to a glucose. It's diabetes in Anupsthti. The injection decreases the amount of sugar in the blood. So much for the use of glucose secretion of insulin in diabetic patients to achieve required energy to the body's insulin does not work, there is little Apecchha healthy individuals, or insulin properly.

Blood in body ducts carrying glucose and insulin together. And if the body does not have enough insulin remains in the glucose in the blood, and can not get the cells,
So do not give energy to body cells.

1 diabetes then later when 40 is called type 2 diabetes.

2 Take diabetes in childhood type 1 diabetes. T -Yoshikawa to insulin secreted in the pancreas in Type 1 are completely ruined, these patients have no other means without an insulin needle. Type beta blood cells-2 patients is bound to insulin secreted by pushing them to the remains, and Dwaio. But beta cells can be bound only to the extent 

                           So should try to justify their mine -pan, this way you can protect themselves from type 2 diabetes.
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