Thursday, 24 January 2019

Swimming Pool Fun Equipment

We need a kickboard for learn swimming easily.

Practice KickBoard - Designed for Adults . KickBoard helps you develop your lower body muscles , it is a sturdy and buoyant board that keeps you afloat and lets you concentrate on your paddling technique and on improving strength. Allowing multiple hand positions, KickBoard training causes no chafing and gives you a great way to build muscle and better your skills.
Swimming Cap 🏊 Swimming Trunk Swimming Gogles 👓
Swimming Cap Anti- Goggles keeps fog-free and provide longer usage -UV Protection reflex harmful rays from sunlight mirror reflect most of the sunlight -Reducing eye irritation, Offers complete protection -WIDE VIEW lenses features panoramic view -One 


A sport like swimming leaves you feeling refreshed and good about yourself. Go for a swim after a long day at work and don't forget to carry this Swimming Cap.

Freestyle Poly Spandex Men Swimming Jammers /mens swim shorts .

Comes With bothside vertical & two cross patches with Elasticated Waist Band , Inner Draw String And Front Mesh Lining with inner pocket.

Beach shorts mens Perfect Fit, Exceptional Shape Retention,Resistance To Pulling And Abrasion,Stretchable Material. 

The Pull Buoy..

Pull Buoy Shaped like the figure 8, the pull buoy can be placed between your thighs or ankles to give support to your body in the water.

Simply hold the pull buoy between you legs and swim without kicking.
The pull buoy restricts your legs but keeps you afloat and helps in increasing upper body and arm strength. Pull Buoy Light in weight

Whether you’re boating, water skiing, surfing, you will have a blast in this Life Jacket.
 This Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is designed with open sides, three adjustable chest belts with quick release buckles, and a crotch strap for a tight fit and better movement.

 It fits snug without being too tight and allows freedom in water. 

A durable polyester outer shell with high buoyancy foam inside produces greater buoyancy in water to keep you afloat. 

Product Features:- 

A life safety jacket Necessity for Water Sports, Boating, Water Skiing, Water Rides, Surfing, Jet Skiing, Participating in Rescue, Swimming Pool or Lake. 

Adjustable Straps with Quick Release Buckles and Open Sides for Better Fit. Whistle for Emergency Situations. Inner Pocket. 

 Life Safety jacket has Bright & Luminous Color for Better Visibility. Polyester Outer Shell with Enclosed Foam for Greater Buoyancy in Water. 

Crotch Straps Keeps the Life Jacket in Place and in Correct, Safe Position. 

With the help of all these tools you will learn to swim safely very quickly.
Safe swimming 💦🏊 

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Asfit Goggles With Other Swimming Accessories Swimming Kit

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