Saturday, 7 March 2020


Caution is the only Defense.

Many countries of the world are suffering from China's coronavirus.

In our country too, the number of people infected with it is continuously increasing, which is a matter of concern.

 Many measures are being taken for prevention.  Including the identification and treatment of infected people.  It is very important to make people aware and alert them.

For information: You can watch the video of Vishwaroop Rai Chaudhary.

1. Do not panic under any circumstances and do not become unduly stressed.
Stress and nervousness have reduced immunity and also cause metabolism.

2. In general, a lot of people suffer from cold and fever due to changing weather, Do not understand them all suffering from Coronavirus.

3. Do not panic if you become infected due to unknown reasons, seek the advice of your doctor immediately and follow their suggestions, take precautions and get treatment.

Remember, we ourselves have to avoid the coronavirus infection and it is important to make people around and aware of life also aware to avoid it.
How can we stop the virus from spreading?

* Wash hands repeatedly with soap or water or sanitizer.
*Throw away the used tissue and wash your hands 🙌.

*Do not touch your face 😂 mouth 👄  without washing your hands.

*Do not try to get in touch with those who are ill.

Also, follow these measures to protect against Coronavirus.

☑ Greet them from far away when you meet someone
Do not  Handshake.🙌 with them.

☑ While traveling in bus train plane cab etc., many times you touch the railing. Which can cause infection?
So use gloves or sanitizers.

☑ When you come home from outside, wash your hands and feet with sanitizer.

☑ Drink warm lemonade in the morning.

☑ Chew 1-2 black pepper, and Clove seeds. with four-five leaves of basil and eat it as betel.

☑In the evening and 🌞morning, You can make a decoction of bay leaves Tulsi Cardamom cardamom Bay leaf and drink instead of tea.

☑ Children below 6 years and elderly above 60 years need to be more careful.

☑ Scientists believe that as the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius.  The chances of its infection will decrease.  So try to keep your room temperature above 30 ° C.

☑ Keep in mind the advisory issued by the Central Government Health Ministry from time to time.

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