Friday, 31 July 2020

Benefits of swimming exercise

Swimming is the best exercise in this world. 
If you know swimming you should swim on a regular basis. 
What is the health benefit of swimming,  build Endurance muscular strength and fitness of the heart.

Helps to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs.

 Tone muscles and makes power. 
Provides all the body exercises,
 because almost all of your muscles are used during swimming.

 Swimming is a great way to get rid of your body and cardiovascular system.

 An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without all the effects on your bones and joints.

Swimmers have about half the risk of death.
Swimming may help lower blood pressure
And control blood sugar. 

Swimming also reduces depression. Swimming also brings great sleep.
Swimming makes a good mood.

If you know swimming, then what is the use.

1# You can save the drowning from dying.

2#You will not drown in water.

3#If you go on a tour anywhere you can enjoy the water.

4#You will be very healthy and fit.

5#You can become a very good trainer.

6#You will always be a happy and excited person.

If you don't know swimming don't worry you can learn swimming. 

If you think about how to learn swimming? where to learn swimming? 

Can I learn swimming in the current stage current age? 

Yes, you can learn at any age at any stage if you really want to learn, definitely,
 you can learn swimming. 

Yes, it is right if you small children you can learn swimming easily then younger.

 Everything is possible in the world.
 Ok, let's start how to swim?

First, you should have swimming equipment. Like swimming Cap, swimming goggles, swimming kickboard, and swimming costume is a must.

then you should have a trainer or coach or your good friend who can help you to learn swimming easily and safely.

 You can join the swimming academy. Or any of your best friends who know swimming.

First, you will go to very low water And first you learn to kick with the help of a keyboard.

You have to be kinging for a few days continuously.
After a few days, you can swim without a keyboard.

Now you have become a basic swimmer.

Slowly you have to learn to speed up the speed of swimming. After that, you can learn.





When you will learn swimming

Then you will feel like you learned to fly.

Remember when you first learned to ride cycling How did you feel now?

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