Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Fitness during Lockdown


The world is going through a severe Pandemic and as a result,

 the whole world is in a state of constant lockdown which seems

quite helpful in flattening the curve for of causalities caused by Covid-19. 

However, this lockdown leads people towards a whole new virtual world. 

Online schooling, classes, official meetings, shopping, 

and all other stuff are being performed by getting stuck at home. 

Daily routines, diet schedules,

 physical activities including workouts, and exercises are 

messed up and people find it difficult to maintain their fitness

 during the phase of lockdown which is leading to anxiety and depression.

Here are a few tips which may keep you healthy and fit during this

 hard time and might help you in making this lockdown a productive one.




The closure of gyms, parks, fitness classes, and restricted outdoor 

 activities has to lead many people demotivated in staying fit.

 However, that does not mean giving up on your fitness goals and aims.

 As everything is going virtual, you need to have your exercise and workout programs. 

150 minutes of moderate physical activity might help you in staying fit throughout the day. 

You may carry on with your fitness and training classes in online sessions. 

 Apart from keeping you fit, exercise and daily workouts boost up your immune

 system which plays a vital role in fighting off different viruses and diseases including Covid-19. 

Daily physical activities and workout also helps in preventing weight gain,

 reduces anxiety and stress, and improves your sleep cycle. 

The daily exercises include walks, bike rides, cycling, yoga session, 

jogging, hiking, outdoor games with the family such as soccer, basketball, and a lot more.
            Eating healthy 


While people are trying their best to cope up with this lockdown

 by learning new skills and making it more productive, 

cooking has emerged as an absolute favorite and liked by the majority of them. 

Cooking not only is a good skill to be master of, rather eating healthy 

may prevent you to contract diseases and viruses as well as can make

 you stay fit during the lockdown. 


Many people complaining about weight gain during this lockdown phase. 

However, it can be maintained by following a proper healthy diet plan and daily workouts.

 Enhancing your cooking skills and linking it with a balanced diet may work for keeping you healthy and fit. 

 Moreover, there are many benefits of eating healthy apart from reducing weight. 

 It also strengthens your immunity and mental health.

           Stay hydrated 


Healthy eating, daily workouts might not work until you don’t keep yourself hydrated.

 Without proper hydration, you cannot focus well on your workouts and exercise.

 Drinking a lot of water throughout the day will keep you fit for any kind of physical activity.

 Drinking around 8-10 glass of water per day will prevent you from physical and mental tiredness, 

dizziness, and exhaustion. Besides keeping you fit,

staying hydrated also plays a major role in reducing your weight.

       Proper sleep 

Lacking a proper and good sleep decreases the willpower to make

 healthy choices and it makes you dizzy and tired throughout the day 

rather than staying fit and keeping you healthy. 

Another major impact of not having enough sleep is that it results in

 gaining weight because of the hormones responsible for storing fats

 in your blood increase.

 Experts, physicians, and nutritionists advise having at least 8-10

 hours of sleep daily.

Bottom Line  


To wrap up, to keep your health and fitness goals right on track

 during these hard lockdown days, 

you need to develop and follow a scheduled workout and exercise routine,

 proper diet plan with balanced and healthy foods, and a proper sleep cycle.


 These all factors not only keep you fit throughout also they work

 as a protective shield against diseases and viruses including COVID-19.  

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